Posted by: britgirl82 | November 28, 2012

Nearly the end of November

Already …. we are a few days away from the beginning of December, shocking times!

So what has BritGirl been up to recently? Well work, the routine of work, life, keeping the flat clean and cooking delicious meals is well and truly underway… lets face it, there are only 4 weeks until that routine stops and the fun and festivity of a trip back to the UK begins!

Last night BritGirl and her boy went to a local restaurant to celebrate the Doctorate of a friend – congratulations to the new Doctor!! It was a lovely evening full of people, food, lots of red wine and general laughter. There was even a quick get together of BritGirl’s fiance and his friends playing guitar, bass and the african drums. Boo hiss though to the bar’s neighbours who complained about the noise the newly formed ‘band’, so they only got to play one song….. one epic version of ‘Wonderwall’.

Britgirl hopes there is more of this to come.


Christmas shopping has also started…. slowly, but still any progress is good, isn’t it?!  BritGirl is looking forward to a Christmas market trip at the weekend… vin chaud, hot sandwiches, lots of pretty lights, lots of gift ideas and generally lots of festive spirit! What could be better?

It’s funny, although BritGirl has definitely got into the swing of life in France, the strange things, the good times, the funny times, the weather, the food, the sunshine, the scary administration, the lack of confidence, the worry about the future…. BritGirl still cannot wait until a holiday at home. It really is the high point. Time to see the friends we don’t see enough, time to spend with the family over a good meal or glass of fizz, time to take in the culture and language that we grew up with … so BritGirl officially has a big ball of excitement in the pit of her stomach for the things that are ahead of her in the next month!

Christmas market fun


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