Posted by: britgirl82 | November 6, 2012

Thinking about thirty…

So yes BritGirl last posted that it was nearing the end of the year and that meant, amongst other important things, her big thirtieth birthday! Gulp!

Now BritGirl actually doesn’t feel too scared about this landmark age, lets face it, we are getting old everyday so 30 is not that much different to 29 and 264 days now is it?! But still, it is a biggy – that age of grownupness, not having another big birthday until 40 and that is definitely a serious age and leaving the twenties!

BritGirl remembers being 18 and thinking that 21 would be that golden age, then at 21 BritGirl thought it would be 28, in her naive mind 28 would be the age when you had your own house, a good job, career, family and life… so at 28 had BritGirl achieved some of this? Well, actually, now BritGirl looks back she thinks she might have done pretty good – at 25 she had her own house with her boyfriend, she had a new life in her home and had a job she loved – now BritGirl isn’t sure she would say that this was the best job in the world or even a hugely responsible job, but nevertheless her job in HR in the same international company for 5 years was pretty blooming fantastic!! BritGirl remembers the stress, worry and sometimes difficult things she had to do but this what she had worked for and what she enjoyed – so yes at 25/26 BritGirl had a pretty good run of things.


Saffron Walden, one of BritGirl’s UK homes

So that then brings us to her dream age of 28 – hmm, at this point, BritGirl was having a crisis of confidence living in France so perhaps wasn’t all that she had hoped it would be -a new home, new city, new language, new country, new job and no longer quite the career girl she had been before.

But now, two years later and fast approaching 30, BritGirl is appreciating all that she has. OK, so no children like nearly all her other friends… but still a pretty fab fiance, an exciting mini adventure in the South of France, a job in a country where she doesn’t speak the language fluently, opportunity to explore and taste new things  – so yes, it has been a pretty epic decade and the twenties have definitely been an adventure. BritGirl can only wonder what her thirties will bring!


So, to end this post – which although titled ‘thinking about thirty’ has actually been more a thoughtful meander through her twenties, BritGirl is listening to cracking tunes from her twenties, think Westlife, think Anastacia and of course think cheesy music! 🙂


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