Posted by: britgirl82 | October 30, 2012

BritGirl plans some future celebrations

Well a chill has hit the air here in Bordeaux… yep it seems winter has hit early – still in October and the temperature is closer to zero than ten degrees – this is not what BritGirl likes!!!! Craving summer!!

Ah well, that means the end of the year is fast approaching, always a nice thought!! Plans for Christmas (trips back to Angleterre for BritGirl which is always exciting), its the time of year when you can actually count the number of weeks until the end of the year AND this year for BritGirl it will be her 30th birthday!

Yep indeed, in just over a month BritGirl will reach that milestone… but what to do? Having celebrated two birthdays in Bordeaux already, BritGirl is hoping to mark this year with something slightly different. Every year, BritGirl organises a party for her boyfriend’s birthday with silliness, dancing and far too much alcohol, usually for BritGirl’s annual celebration it is a meal in a nice restaurant and day together – birthdays in December are fairly rubbish!!!


One full party fridge!

This year, so far, BritGirl has a trip to Paris planned with friends as a start to the celebrations! Yep BritGirl is hoping to celebrate the big 30 with good friends, a trip to the fashion city of the world and one of the most romantic cities (something BritGirl has never quite understood!)… so thats the beginning, but what else? BritGirl is still a bit uncertain what she should be doing on the actual day when she leaves the twenties behind her and moves into being a ‘real’ adult…. Hmmmmm….


One of BritGirl’s favourite Parisian haunts!





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