Posted by: britgirl82 | October 23, 2012

Travelling around France

So, September saw BritGirl and her fiance travel across France – with a snazzy weekend in Cannes and then a weekend in Perigueux (her fiance then managed a few days in Paris too, but BritGirl didnt quite make that so lets not mention it!).

It was all lovely family times, a weekend on the Cote d’Azur with the family-in-law and a lot of sunshine! It was lovely and hot with a cool sea breeze andĀ  the beautiful shining blue Mediterranean and it’s big ‘jim palaces’ (!). Seriously, the boats were huge and the shops were crazy(diamonds galore)… BritGirl is not sure if she is really a fan of Cannes and it’s eliteness, but she was a fan of the nearby Islands which were more natural by far and just pretty pretty pretty….

The pretty Isle Marguerite

Cannes was a welcome change of scenery and a kind of break with beaches, heat, swimming pools and good meals out – all with nice time spent with the in-laws.

Very quickly afterwards BritGirl found herself in a very different location. After a quick train trip, BritGirl and her fiance found themselves deep in the Dordogne and all the pretty countryside that it has to offer! BritGirl’s parents had hired a gite for the week and BritGirl and her fiance escaped for a few days of croquet, MORE good food, a fizzy weekend with champagne (or cheaper options) every evening, sunshine, swimming and general relaxed being! BritGirl couldn’t have asked for more, it was so peaceful, fun and lots of laughter with the parents and possibly too much good food and drink!

See…. beautiful countryside!

So, phew, after 2 weeks BritGirl had travelled to very different areas of France and spent some very good times with her family in the French sunshine… usually with a glass of French wine in her hand. This is another good part of life in France… the ability to explore the country so easily and even for a weekend to feel like you are on holiday!


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