Posted by: britgirl82 | October 23, 2012

Summer catch up

Goodness 2012 has not been a good blogging year for BritGirl has it?! Seems like BritGirl came back to the blog early in the year, only to stop half way through… now.. why was that?

Well, BritGirl has been busy making wedding plans (eeeee, exciting times), busy working – lots of teaching, lots of new students and LOTS to learn – it has been a good year for work, BritGirl feels a lot more settled at work and even in France… yes, BritGirl has possibly even become a little French!

Although she reminded everyone quite well how British she was with a lovely tea party to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee earlier in the year. A lovely afternoon was spent sipping Gin and Tonic, Bucks Fizz or even tea whilst nibbling on a sandwich and watching a very wet and dreary flotilla make its way down the River Thames- thankfully we were all in sunny Bordeaux watching on the TV not from the wet and grey banks of London!

Very patriotic!

BritGirl and her now fiance then spent a week back in the UK in June, which led to too much eating, drinking and driving up and down the motorways to visit friends and family!

A trip back home to Cambridge

Otherwise the summer months just saw BritGirl working (August was actually one of her busiest working months, quickly dispelling the myth that ALL of France is on holiday then!) and visiting the beach every now and then…. who could turn down trips to Arcachon, the Dune and even Pays Basque  – ahhh…

Bassin d’Arcachon – of course!

You just can’t beat the summer trips to the beach, park, quais and local countryside – it might have taken BritGirl a while but she is starting to appreciate the French life! 🙂



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