Posted by: britgirl82 | October 23, 2012

Autumn Autumn Autumn

Hmmm yes, you read the title, you guessed it, Autumn has arrived in Bordeaux! Although today I am typing from a sunny and warm city (I didn’t even need a coat when I was out today) last week was quite a different city….wet, grey and a little sad.

BritGirl made her annual trip to the shoe shops to buy her new pair of water proof shoes, she is sad to report that the flip flops have most definitely been put away until 2013… the umbrella is now in her handbag instead!

Weather seems to play a big part in city living… remembering back to the UK when BritGirl lived in a village and went everywhere by car, the weather seemed fairly unimportant (lets face it, its not often that warm and gorgeous on that side of the Channel), however, now in Bordeaux BritGirl is a public transport girl with the TBC pass  – she hops on and off the bus and tram with confidence and ease….  even taking a gamble on a different bus line in the hope it will get her to the area of town that she wants!


One of the last sunny days before the grey skies rolled in!

Now, public transport here is considerably cheaper and better organised than back home in Cambridge but it does still have its downside… standing outside in the rain waiting for a bus which never seems to come, random trams breaking down right when you don’t have time to wait or even walk and of course the joys of having to share your early morning/evening commute with everyone else. BritGirl is somewhat anti-social and does get fed up with people who seem unable to use earphones and therefore make everyone else listen to their (usually bad) music, the smells and sounds of public transport can also sometimes leave it less than desirable  – but this is not all the time and something you just have to grin and bare (BritGirl possibly might be that weird girl in the corner of the tram, looking into the distance with a strange smile on her face…!)



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