Posted by: britgirl82 | August 28, 2012

May May bring sunshine!

Ahhh May the month when it should feel sunny and warm-  anything better than the horrid damp squib of April!

And Britgirl was in luck, the sun did make an appearance! It has been quite a busy month in total, with work and life but also a nice day out along the river with boats and street art AND most importantly a weekend in the Pays Basque with her man!! So a very excited and very HAPPY post follows!

So sunshine and the river, Britgirl and the boyf spent a happy afternoon along the river, looking at boats, crafts and very cool exhibitions of art (see below). The sun was out and it was blowy – perfect for blowing away the April cobwebs, to not think about work and to make exciting plans for the future – weekends away, trips back to the UK (of course) and the little thing of a wedding!


Celebrating the river and boats!


Wooden sculptures along the Garonne

So mid May, Britgirl and her boyfriend planned a getaway – out of the city, out of the usual life and into something nicer, fresher and altogether much needed!! Friday evening in a HOT Bordeaux (temperatures of 31c plus are a little shocking after a wet month!) they set off in their little hire car from the station – a bit frought because they WANTED to get to the destination without spending hours in the car hire office or even hours on the autoroute… but 2 hours later, they ended up down a very dark country road (arguing somewhat about directions, time and distance)… but ah ha, they found their little chalet and were nicely welcomed by the owner – a nice British man called John!


Cabin No 1 – Chalets du Moulin @ La Bastide Clairence

Our home for the weekend was a lovely (if bijoux) chalet set amongst the Basque country – we arrived in pitch black so there wasn’t much to see, but in the light of day it was beautiful – green fields, trees, cows in the distance, goat bells ringing, a beautiful open air swimming pool and a lovely porch to enjoy it all on. Bliss- for two people who sometimes feel stuck in the city amongst the grey and buildings, there is nothing quite like a breath of fresh air and some countryside!

Britgirl had a FABULOUS weekend, full of different cultures, food, scents and sights – amazing views across the Pyrennees, time in beautiful Basque villages – St Jean Pied de Port, Esplette (of course) and one of the favourites – St Jean de Luz! The problem for Britgirl is now to decide which photos you should see!  Every evening was spend on the chalet porch appreciating the peace, quiet and country air…


Espelette – home of the Basque pepper.


St Jean Pied de Port


The beauty of St Jean de Luz


Britgirl enjoying the Esplette prettiness

So there are not many more words needed, Britgirl loved her weekend in Pays Basque and is currently planning how best to do it all again – the countryside, the amazing food, the peace and quiet and the quality time with her boyfriend out of the usual routine/hum drum of la vie!


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