Posted by: britgirl82 | August 28, 2012

April became a washout!

Britgirl may have returned to sunny and warm times in Bordeaux but it was not to last! For 4 weeks it rained and there is something about Bordeaux rain that makes it different to good ol’Blighty rain – maybe its the black, rolling clouds? The thunder and lightening which is fairly common? Or maybe just the sheets of rain pelting down and drowning you within seconds? Either way, April felt like a fairly depressing month all because of the weather!

Thankfully work was busy and Britgirl has been dashing from one corner of Bordeaux to another talking English. She has now become fairly good at navigating the “transport en commune” – from a bus to a tram and then back again – although it has to be said, in a fairly soggy April she has been missing life with a car – waiting for a bus with a brolly isn’t quite the same as nipping into a car nice and dry!!

So from a dull, rainy Bordeaux Britgirl thought about her wedding and even sent save the dates out – that is definitely something to cheer up a grey sky!


Sunnier times!



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