Posted by: britgirl82 | April 4, 2012

April… already!

Wow…April 2012 has come around quickly.. this means it is nearly a year until BritGirl gets married – crazy stuff!!

But meanwhile in reality – what has happened..  BritGirl had her first UK trip of 2012 last week which was lovely; managed to see the parents, parents in law, brother and girlfriend as well as a very good friend in the Jamie Oliver Italian restaurant in Covent Garden, London no less!!! Was lovely seeing friends and family (as always) and even nicer that the sun shone and Jamie Oliver provided a delicious meal… and fairly hunky waiter too!!

Eastbourne seafront in the sunshine!

Eastbourne seafront in the sunshine!

A day in London with the sun was fab, as ever BritGirl loved wandering around, taking photos, watching the world go by and thinking that London really is a fab city…. not sure it is a place BritGirl could live, but definitely somewhere she could spend more time… especially in the sunshine!!

BritGirl's London skyline

Back to Bordeaux where a sunny weekend awaited BritGirl – perfect!! A lazy Saturday was spent in the park with a picnic and good magazine, then Sunday saw an epic Spring clean in BritGirl’s apartment, way over due but a good feeling afterwards – Sunday was finished with an impromptu bottle of wine in the park with friends…. what weekend could be better?!!?

Unfortunately, it wasnt too last, the cloud and cold have come back – not in the extremes of the snow seen in Bordeaux earlier this year, but still – from 25c to 13c in a few days is a little unnecessary – BritGirl is now hoping for a sunny Easter weekend to enjoy more good times outside… and maybe even some Easter Eggs?!!?


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