Posted by: britgirl82 | March 12, 2012

More of France and a birthday

So BritGirl is quite pleased with herself, she has made her own brand new blog – all for her wedding!! Yep a blog to keep herself organised, but also to help her look back and remember what she did and when… although at the moment, with over a year to go, she is feeling that there isn’t all that much to be doing …. hmm hope that she is right!

March saw BritGirl and her boyfriend (ahem, sorry fiance) head up norf…. yes a long weekend was spent near Orbec in Eure with best friend Mrs McKenna, her boys and her parents, the lovely Mr and Mrs Nalliah. Although a combination of grey, windy, rainy and chilly, a lovely weekend was had!! Playing with the boys, outside on the scooters, the boys playing football (this being the grown up boys rather than the younger ones), a trip out to the local brocante market and bar (of course) and then the France – Ireland game – with a good mixture of supporters from the French residents (us and the Nalliah’s) to the McKenna clan rooting for the green… although at times, we did sometimes attempt to convert them…

Waving the french flag!!

So, after our nice sejour in the north we have the rest of the month to look forward to – the fiance has a birthday coming up so we have to make some plans for his last year in his twenties (he he he) and then we have a lovely weekend to the UK to look forward – where we will have time to see both sets of parents and even have a day out in London together!! YIppee!!! Numerous posts on here have reflected upon days in the big smoke on trips home – amazing how you visit your home country with a completely different outlook when you move away! So, yes, BritGirl and her fiance have a day out in London – with a hope of meeting a possible wedding photographer (see very organised) and one of the best men… but otherwise it is planned as a day of shopping, cocktails and fun – bring it on!!


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