Posted by: britgirl82 | February 20, 2012

BritGirl catches up online!

So yesterday Britgirl posted twice for the first time in over a year…. yes OVER A YEAR!

Wow, so feeling better and more interested in the online world again, BritGirl feels she ought to catch you up with life so far, perhaps something which she dropped in yesterday’s blog with little information… BritGirl is now engaged!

Engaged… to be married that is! Yep she has a nice shiny diamond on her finger, she now regular checks the never ending list of wedding blogs online, who knew there were so many of these online updates, fashion advice, wedding ideas and general wedding craziness to view, read, follow and think about!! There are many and BritGirl has spent the past few months as a regular viewer!

But hang on, what happened and when? So,  it was September 2011 and BritGirl and boyfriend were spending a long weekend in Switzerland – which must be noted as one of the prettiest places she has ever visited – mountains, sunshine, cows with bells on and log cabins. The photos just do not do justice to the place..


Les Diablerets, Switzerland

A skiing resort in the summer/autumn was the perfect location for a long weekend and subsequent surprise proposal -BritGirl had no idea and was very surprised…needless to say it was a lovely weekend, well removed from the hustle and bustle of city live, just BritGirl and boyfriend – some good food (cheese!!) and fresh air; what more could a girl need!

So, 5 months on, what progress has been made? Well, although somedays BritGirl and the now fiance think a quiet wedding on their own could be nice (and lets face it cheaper!), the venue has been booked – a nice hotel back in Essex (home pre Bordeaux) for April 2013…. so plenty of time to worry, plan and organise!

BritGirl is quite enjoying all the thinking about wedding thing, although does have to point out, it is all a little crazy – there is an unspoken pressure from EVERYONE about clothes, styles, designs, colours, music, dancing… phew! At least she is doing it with the boy, who after ten years, she knows better than herself sometimes!

So here we are; finally photo for today… the ring – very special xxx

One very special ring


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