Posted by: britgirl82 | February 19, 2012

Where has Britgirl been for the past year?

Well…. yes it has been over a year since Britgirl last made an appearance – after months of posting notes about her vie en France, the language, the loneliness, the attempts at finding work, her friends and A LOT of complaining – where did she go for a year?

A year without any blogging… well BritGirl thought that 2011 should be a more positive year so decided to give up the blog, to stop thinking about things so much and to see what happened… so what did happen??

* BritGirl spent 2011 working as an English teacher in Bordeaux – meeting new students, learning more English grammar, even widening her French vocabulary as a result.

* BritGirl and her boyfriend became BritGirl and her fiance!! He proposed in the mountains in Switzerland on a weekend getaway! Very romantic and very un-expected – so BritGirl now has a wedding to plan as well (who would have thought that after 10 years together!)

* BritGirl had a few trips to the UK, as ever to see friends and family – as ever, lovely to go home and see people.

* Friends and family came to Bordeaux… with trips to the beach in the sun, trips to the beach in the rain, trips to St Emilion, trips to chateaux… BritGirl realised she lived in a beautiful part of the world and was pleased to show family and friends around.

*BritGirl went to New York City!!!! Yes, her younger sister was lucky enough to get a job in NYC for a year (she is much braver, stronger and more confident than BritGirl -she has made this epic move on her own and LOVED every minute of it!!). NYC was an amazing weekend, with both BritGirl’s sisters, some good food, lots of walking and sightseeing – what an amazing place to live!!

December 2011 New York skyline

So a year has gone by and BritGirl has decided she is going to make a return to the online world… hopefully she will bring you back up to speed on live in the Bordeaux bubble without too much grumbling.

It is still hard, harder than she ever imagined it could be…. the fiance (still weird to call him that) still works a lot – lets face it, this was the reason for the move in the first place. Although happier in her work, BritGirl still doesn’t really have many friends of her own and still struggles without a lifeplan/goal, but she has achieved two years in France, she has got a  job which has now become semi-full time, her French is vastly improved and she lives in the wine capital of Europe…

BritGirl has learnt (in her year of absence) that there will always be days when she is lonely, misses friends or wants more excitement in her life (but who doesn’t!).


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