Posted by: britgirl82 | February 19, 2012

A chill in the air!

So, BritGirl wants to start blogging again … a year off and she is back! And quite happy about it as well.

Quick update on 2012 to date; a fab Christmas at home with friends and family, this included the NYC trip, which meant that BritGirl and her fiance had 3 weeks travelling… phew!!

2011 was a year without travel upset (unlikely the well blogged 2010 experience), however, 2012 did not start so well with a 4hr delay at Gatwick en route back to France et vie normale!! Humph!

January saw work beginning again, BritGirl did start to grumble about even that! Honestly, for those who read BritGirl’s 2010 complaints about no work and needing to find SOMETHING to do you, you might wonder what is wrong with BritGirl!! It seems that teaching English often means working until 20h30 every night, most weekdays, BritGirl might have a few hours free in the middle of the day, but will then find herself working until 20h/20h30 with lessons – which is sometimes less than ideal and less than social! But, it is still a job and it means that the better half can work without feeling guilty about BritGirl being home alone a lot.

February arrived and brought with it a Siberian winter – minus a million degrees and snow – yes, even in Bordeaux! The Bordelaise themselves were surprised about it too- but a week of -9 in the daytime was ridiculous and not an easy experience – public transport inevitably means waiting for a bus or a tram which is not pleasant in such temperatures plus a windchill…. so that was a winter experience BritGirl never really expected in Bordeaux (didn’t someone tell her before she moved that it never snowed??)

Iced over pond at the Jardin Public

Temperatures are now more normal in Bordeaux and the sun is out again – we like the plus 0 temperatures!!! BritGirl and her fiance even managed a small picnic outside by the river yesterday! still with coats on, but in the sunshine it was blissful to enjoy time outside again and just to relax and watch the world go by!

It is something BritGirl has learnt since moving to Bordeaux; outside time is precious! Time walking, eating, sitting outside a cafe (even this was done in the snow)… it is something she didn’t really appreciate back in the UK and is something she hopes to keep up in the next two years here and when she gets back to the UK.

Yes… even though its two years away, BritGirl is starting to think about life after Bordeaux and France…. it seems that BritGirl can never stop making plans or thinking about the future…. will she ever learn to enjoy today and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow?!


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