Posted by: britgirl82 | January 4, 2011

Christmas en Angleterre

So the run up to Christmas was a mass of Christmas shopping, BritGirl’s lessons (surprisingly these appeared to continue right up to the Christmas period) and surprise additional work for BritGirl as she started to help out on the admin side with the teaching business she taught for. It was a complete surprise for BritGirl to be asked, but something else to keep her busy, integrate her more into the French way of life and also something else that BritGirl was secretly quite proud of having achieved on her own in a foreign country…..after a year she was starting to see the things that she had achieved and overcome!

But Christmas was here and that meant a trip home! BritGirl had been worrying for a week about the trip home…snow and severe cold weather was still causing travel chaos across both France and the UK, Heathrow airport was shut for practically 3 days, Eurostar had been shut on and off for days!!! The snow was at levels not seen for hundreds of years and BritGirl had packed so many jumpers to battle the UK chill that she didnt have room for all her presents…but it looked good – all was melting and on the day BritGirl headed to the airport with all her bags and belongings there was no snow and the t’interweb assured her the flight was going.

But guess what, this was still 2010, still the year where BritGirl could not make a trip on a plane without some delay/cancellation or problem…so as she arrived at the terminal what did she see? Luton – annule. In other words cancelled!!! WHAT!! She had so many plans and people she wanted to see….her nerves all week had been replaced with excitement today for this?!!? Whilst BritGirl’s boyfriend went to weigh the suitcases to make sure when/if we could get to the UK our hundreds of jumpers and presents wouldn’t be a problem, BritGirl rang round to find someone online to help her…but where was everyone?! No one at home was answering their phones!! HELP!

BritGirl resorted to ringing her little sister at work (not the done thing, she does NOT like personal calls at work!!) but she worked her magic…..the flight, according to the Easyjet was still running!! Hmmmm could this just be a French mistake? Was it snowing in Luton? What was happening?!

There were no staff in the terminal, so BritGirl queued at an empty office along with everyone else waiting for someone to arrive, she tried ringing Easyjet but after finally getting through the automated voice recognition stages of the call and hoping to reach a real person she was left on hold for ages…… in the end her Mum in England took the baton and went on hold with Easyjet. More people were arriving and were as confused as BritGirl, but then her little sister came through with the news….the flight was cancelled…due to bad weather, Easyjet now confirmed it.

But, her little sister had also managed to transfer BritGirl and her boyfriend to the flight next day, so all they had to do was go home and return again at the same time tomorrow!!! Sigh! BritGirl did shed a few tears, it was frustration, worry but also just the excitement seeping away!!

Thankfully, the next day, saw no more snow and a flight take off from Bordeaux to Luton, if an hour late! BritGirl did not mind…she was just glad to be en route to friends and family! There was quite a bit of snow in Luton and Stevenage – where BritGirl was staying for the night which did worry her a little as she had planned plenty of road trips on this now shortened trip in the UK.

Christmas was lovely, meals and time with friends and family, BritGirl got to spend time with her godson and is amazed at how quickly he has grown up…..he will be a heart breaker, that is for sure! Christmas meant time with family which was brilliant, parents, sisters, brothers, friends….. BritGirl loved her time in the UK!!

Christmas en Angleterre

No more snow hassled her on her trip…..she managed to see all the friends she had planned to even with one day less, it was great going to pubs, sharing nice meals and drinks with friends and family, catching up on their news, talking about the year just gone and the year ahead…..lovely!! A surprise panto was experienced too…nothing can quite beat the fun of a pantomime and the excitement on the kids faces as they laugh at the jokes and boo at the baddies…in this case the two ugly sisters!!

BritGirl even managed a trip back to Cambridge, a quick recky past her house to check it was still standing… as her boyfriend commented “It looks just like it did when we lived there” …what was expected?! A quick history lesson with a friend was had in the town that BritGirl had lived in for over 4 years, who knew about the battle ditches and other things…..if there were signs for these things BritGirl would have known all about them…perhaps next time she is back in the UK she will have to go to the museum!

2011 started well with more time with friends and family, what more could a girl ask for! But 2011 also meant….flying without problems! Yes you read that right, BritGirl opted to stay in a hotel near the airport in case of bad weather and also to avoid a silly ‘o clock start…she awoke to a heavy frost but thats it…….an easy check in, breakfast and boarding the plane… BritGirl left the UK on time and arrived in a sunny and crisp Bordeaux on time!! SHOCKING!!

No more will be said about the increased flight luck…BritGirl heads back to Cambridge in 2 weeks and does not want to risk any further continuation of her 2010 luck…shhh!!


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