Posted by: britgirl82 | December 10, 2010

Whats happening to the weather?

Now BritGirl realises that it is very British to write about weather – to moan, comment, complain or show surprise, but feels it has to be done!

Whilst late November – early December saw the UK battle mass snowfall, snow drifts, ice build up and the usual general chaos we expect in the UK when the weather turns cold and the white stuff arrives…this was even the case in North France with school buses being cancelled, lorries being banned from towns – it was certainly winter and cold.

But in Bordeaux? Strange days…one day we had snow (again BritGirl will remind readers that she was told, premove, that there would NOT be snow in Bordeaux) which caused complete transport chaos for a morning…no buses, no trams and general cold wintery weather – it appeared that not only the UK couldn’t cope with snow! But BritGirl did not expect France to struggle as much…..

The snow came and went in a morning – by 1pm there was no snow in town to talk off and the temperature had strangely jumped up… that evening it was wet and grey…nothing but rain and BritGirl doubted there was a need to worry about overnight ice which was the constant battle in the UK at the moment. A trip to Ikea was on the cards for BritGirl – one of her boyfriend’s colleagues was heading there in the car and BritGirl was hitching a lift up to the industrial park. At 8pm it was horrible, dark, cold and very very wet….ironically when BritGirl arrived at the industrial park not only was it dark but even the shops looked dark! The silly words “it looks like all the shops have shut up because of the weather, are we in England” were said….. BritGirl appeared to be right!!

After a mad dash from car to Ikea – BritGirl and friends were wet…but it was OK a trip around Ikea would be lovely and dry them off too…or not! BritGirl was greeted by a member of staff from Ikea who proudly announced that the shop was shutting early because of the weather. “The rain?” BritGirl asked a little confused? But no apparently over fears of ice at 10pm the shop was going to shut early and therefore no shopping would be happening…what a waste of time!! BritGirl was amazed that a shop would shut because of the weather here in Bordeaux. The weather was not nearly as bad as other countries and nowhere near cold enough for snow/ice! Wow, it seems that not only England struggles with a chill, so too does the southern part of France!

Needless to say there was no more snow or even ice for Bordeaux, in fact since then it has warmed up – whilst England faced -10c for days on end, Bordeaux saw 16c this week – two days running!!! As Paris ground to a halt amidst more snow fall with the Tour Eiffel even closing due to the weather, Bordeaux was enjoying some sunshine and a little more heat…althoug a 10c change took place in a day as temperatures went from 16c to 6c overnight… but BritGirl hopes no more snow or ice will hinder her final Christmas shopping!

Bordeaux warming up a little


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