Posted by: britgirl82 | December 10, 2010

More plumbing problems en France

Yes, that is correct, you have read another blog title about plumbing problems. Throughout 2010 BritGirl has explained that her life in France has been continuously speckled with problematic plumbing…and it seems that the last month of 2010 was no exception.

BritGirl’s sisters had been and gone after a lovely weekend…but BritGirl returned from the airport to find the toilet leaking….. after some huffing and puffing the problem was found….it appeared to be a loose washer. So BritGirl’s boyfriend took the matter in hand, “he would sort it”.

BritGirl left him to it and called home…a nice recap of the wekeend with her Mum..or so she thought? Mid-way through the conversation, BritGirl was told to “get off the phone and come and help”…..BritGirl walked into a disaster; water was spraying every which way…it seemed her boyfriend had not tightened the washer…oh no, he had loosened it!! With water gushing across the floor, up the walls and all over BritGirl and her better (?) half. BritGirl stifled a laugh! Perhaps not appropriate at that exact moment, but it really could only happen to them!!

The funniest part was, not only that BritGirl’s boyfriend could NOT re-tighten the washer – it apparently wouldnt budge amids the flow of water, but he was doing all of this in his dressing gown….why or why BritGirl will never ever know!! So mid-panic he decided to turn the water off….again one might wonder why this was not his first move before playing with the washer, but we wont dwell on that. So BritGirl’s boyfriend ran out of the flat and down the 3 flights of stairs to turn the water off, leaving BritGirl to just watch the water fly out of the pipes and run along the floor and into the kitchen – a towel just wasn’t enough.

BritGirl felt like she had been left for hours on her own just watching the water create a nice stream across the kitchen floor…eventually her boyfriend returned, but more panicked than when he left…he COULDN’T turn the water off – he hadnt taken a wrench!! (SIGH!) One last attempt at the washer in the toilet seemed to work, the waterfall slowly pettered out into a dribble….at last!!

But water was still dripping from the walls and pipes; now flowing along the floor at speed (not helped by the somewhat wonky floor). It took BritGirl an hour to mop everything up….whilst BritGirl’s boyfriend sat in stunned shock on the sofa….he was worried about what could have happened or perhaps nearly did happen as he attempted a plumbing job in his dressing gown with the water still on!!

BritGirl is still laughing after this and was nearly curled up on the floor (now sparkling clean) with laughter when her boyfriend embarassingly explained that not only was he down in the corridor trying to turn off the water in his dressing gown…but our neighbours merrily bumped into him mid-panic in his dressing gown!!!!! How funny!!

No BritGirl’s boyfriend is right, it could have been far worse – we could have flooded the flat and others…but luckily we didnt!! And it had to have been one of the funniest things that BritGirl has seen in a long time!

As you might know from earlier blogs, BritGirl’s luck with plumbers has not always been great, but thankfully, this time everything worked! The letting agent was prompt, the plumber arrived the next day…..and of course, turned off the water before tinkering with anything – this is the lesson BritGirl’s boyfriend should follow in the future!

So it seems France has not educated BritGirl or her boyfriend on plumbing…they are still as clumsy and unlucky as they were in the UK!! 🙂


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