Posted by: britgirl82 | December 6, 2010

The last month of 2010….

An English-French Christmas

So December is here….it really now is nearly a year since BritGirl moved here.

A year ago, BritGirl came to Bordeaux and spent a horrible weekend looking for her flat and surprisingly finding the right one, a year ago BritGirl was arranging electrical tests on her home in the UK ready for renting, BritGirl was spending days Christmas shopping for the last time in a few years with her friends, BritGirl was busily packing boxes full of memories and love, BritGirl was busy stressing about leaving her job, her friends, her home, her family….yes a year ago BritGirl was FULL of emotions and fear.

And now…a year on BritGirl is looking back on her year, reflecting and remembering (scary as that might sound). But at the sametime BritGirl is getting very very excited about going home to the UK for Christmas….time with the family, lots of good food, good drink, laughter, conversations and days out with friends!!

Although BritGirl was lucky enough to spend the first weekend in December with family. Her two sisters came for the weekend….braving the snow in the UK to reach the airport, with a plane which luckily was still flying to France, if a little late – thankfully BritGirl’s travel luck is not catching!! BritGirl spent the weekend showing her sisters around the city, the Christmas market and even had time to put up a Christmas tree and decorations.

BritGirl was happy…she felt at home showing her sisters around, her flat felt like a home….even in the cold and her sisters seemed to enjoy their brief visit…perhaps a trip in the summer with sunshine and warmth will also be planned!

BritGirl wonders what the rest of the year in Bordeaux will hold but more importantly, what the rest of the year will hold in the UK when she sees her family and friends!!


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