Posted by: britgirl82 | November 23, 2010

A philosophical note from BritGirl

BritGirl is sitting in her living room pondering her life and the approach of a cold, dark winter…what is on her mind? Well actually, this time last year is her current pondering…what feels like a lifetime ago. In November 2009 BritGirl was trying to deny her move to France was actually happening! She was planning un petit sejour in Bordeaux to find a flat, she was making new friends from her job and was not really looking forward to leaving friends and family for a new city and new country, but it seemed that that was exactly what was going to happen.

And now…nearly a year later, BritGirl is settled in her new home – and it does feel like home now. BritGirl is even starting to get used to la vie en France – the pace of life, the food, the drink, the bad TV and sometimes (definitely only sometimes!), even the language!! Her job is increasing every week, more and more students are coming on board – some only for a few weeks/months, but all are creating more work and a new challenge for BritGirl – she just hopes the students appreciate her hard work and enjoy her lessons. Britgirl is realising that feedback is not always easy or regular in teaching….of course, as you see the students improve in English that is feedback in itself, but a little bit of reassuring is what BritGirl is missing.

The main focus of BritGirl’s current thoughts…. BritGirl still misses her friends. She is not nearly as sad or low as she was many months ago, but sometimes, just to sit and have a cup of coffee with a friend, a glass of wine and opportunity to put the world to rights, a day out with friends and family…this is what BritGirl yearns for. She has the BEST friends in the world, she really does- she wishes she could tell them this more. They are all supportive, they keep in touch, read BritGirl’s dull and dreary post when it is sent, phone her, email her, text her and reassure her whenever needed. Britgirl is unbelievable grateful for all of this. But would like a little more proximity to friends.

The impending Christmas visit will give BritGirl just over a week in the UK – but her week is becoming a timetable of events and places to be….to ensure she sees everyone it is becoming a very regimented trip – just relaxed time with friends is all she wants.

So, not really a whinge (we hope) or really a homesick plee, but BritGirl is sitting here thinking about her great friends and wanting to thank them all. You are all very much appreciated and BritGirl would love to spend more time with you all. Right, before BritGirl starts to feel maudlin……she’s off!!!


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