Posted by: britgirl82 | November 16, 2010

BritGirl escapes Bordeaux

Yep you read the title correctly, BritGirl escaped Bordeaux! If only for a weekend it was a well needed trip out of the city and into the countryside!

Britgirl had never been a city dweller, always preferring the quieter side of life, so BritGirl and her boyfriend hired a car and headed for the hills! Well actually, they headed for the coast, forests and lakes!! Surrounding Bordeaux the countryside is surprisingly varied; to the west of Bordeaux you have the wine yards and chateaux of St Emilion and to the east you have the coast leading to the Atlantic.

BritGirl wanted the fresh air and sea breeze….so headed for Lacanau – a small village in a very lucky position – it had its own lake (gorgeous – imagine a sunny Lake District if you will), heading east from the lake through pine forests to reach the tremendous waves of the Atlantic beating against the long stretches of sandy beaches. In fact,  14km of sandy beaches if you want details!

Lacanau Plage

BritGirl could not have asked for more – long stretches of sand, breaking waves and more shockingly after the rain that had hit most of Europe that week, clear skies and warm sunshine!! A lovely walk and picnic was had at Lacanau beach, followed by a drive through the forests back to the lake before heading back to the grey towering buildings of the city.

But that was not all, oh no, a day out of the city was not enough – although Sunday was wet and wild – more the weather BritGirl had become accustomed to in November, BritGirl was determined to spend a FULL weekend in the countryside. This time BritGirl and her boyfriend headed south east- reaching Dune de Pilat – an amazing sand dune overlooking the Bassin D’Arcachon and Atlantic – one of those things you need to see!

With rain beating against her anorak, BritGirl climbed down to a small beach at the floor of the dune to watch the atlantic crash against France!! BritGirl and her boyfriend later walked through a small forest  south of the Bassin and Dune. This is one spot BritGirl intends to return to, on the left there was the pine forest with mushrooms growing and branches dripping from the earlier downpours and on the right hand side there was a vast expanse of beach and the Atlantic. BritGirl was only an hour from Bordeaux but felt a million miles away from civilisation and the tight walls of the city!

Although the weather was not kind to them, BritGirl and her boyfriend made the most of the day, travelling along the coast to Biscarosse – a very sad, shut beach resort….many beaches were found and brilliant windy walks and glimpes of the sea were had!

BritGirl is pleased to confirm she did return to Bordeaux and has continued her normal city life, but is pleased to have seen more of the local countryside and now is busy planning her next trip to the coast and seaside walks….there  is so much to see, it has made BritGirl realise that her time in France is precious and she should spend as much time as she can exploring, experiencing and understanding.

A greyer beach view.


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