Posted by: britgirl82 | November 9, 2010

Does anyone have an ark?

So, its November, BritGirl has already moaned about the shorter days and drearily dark evenings…but she had not expected the rain!

My what rain!! It rained all day on Sunday, BritGirl managed to dodge the rain showers with a trip to the cinema – her first trip to the French cinema! And boy, who knew how much the French loved the cinema! Sunday at 1730, the cinema was packed…queues everywhere, we stood for 10 minutes waiting for popcorn….typically French, there was no haste or speed even at the cinema.

With popcorn and Coca in hand we walked to the cinema…it was FULL!! Yes, BritGirl had never really thought about it but rarely in the UK had she been to the cinema when it was busy, let alone FULL. The final few seats were on the 1st and 2nd rows, so BritGirl managed with a strained neck and eyes struggling with the size and scale of the screen right in front of her! Not only that but the film was in English with French subtitles, so BritGirl and her boyfriend spent most of their time reading the subtitles without really watching the action!! A good French lesson perhaps?

But BritGirl can advise a trip to the cinema to see Fair Game – a very good, if political thriller!

If Sunday was wet, Monday was even greyer and wetter with a trip to the station for BritGirl to head out of town for a lesson. This was interesting, just as she left home, she realised that the long-lasting and ever annoying leak in her bathroom ceiling was not coping very well with the amount of water falling from the sky, so she left her bathroom getting slowly damper and damper…only to find similar leaks and buckets placed strategically throughout the train station at Bordeaux!

BritGirl’s mood was not helped much by the fact that her train appeared to not be on time or even at the station…due to depart at 13h41….by 13h39 BritGirl was concerned…would she miss her train and her lesson? Why was no-one else worried? BritGirl decided not to be a wuss and go and look for help….en francais!!

Why was she worried? BritGirl appeared to ask the right questions to nice man on the helpdesk that he thought she was French! Brilliant, you might think…BritGirl is finally feeling at home and one of the locals…..hmmm that would be a good thing if she could understand a bleeding word the helpful man told her….so quick and random were his words, that BritGirl just nodded and said “Merci”….how helpful was that?!!? In actual fact, she understood enough to realise that there wasnt a problem per se, the train was just late and they didnt want to tell anyone!!

With frizzy hair from the rain and damp, BritGirl found her train and was only 10 minutes late…nothing in the world of French time!

On Monday evening BritGirl didnt think it could get any darker and wetter, until Tuesday morning arrived – 10am looked like 6am it was that gloomy, dark, cold and wet! It was BritGirl’s day off and she had exciting lesson planning to look forward to, only to be interrupted by a trip to the French Doctors!! BritGirl’s boyfriend had been struggling with a cold/virus for a week which after countless nights, interrupted with coughs and splutters, BritGirl could no longer manage it and had made her boyfriend arrange an appointment the Dr, which he was not looking forward to!

French was hard enough without trying to explain what was wrong with you to a stranger, but a friend recommended a Dr and the appointment was made….the showers stopped just long enough for a quick march to the Doctors…excellent! The appointment was not as bad as it could have been. BritGirl was surprised by how much she understood, which  was useful, as it seemed that BritGirl’s new role was as ‘interpreter’  for her boyfriend; he couldnt quite manage the pace of the nice Dr’s French. However, please don’t think that this means that BritGirl is any better at French than her boyfriend…oh no, as they left the surgery, her boyfriend was quick to point out all the grammatical errors she had made! Yes, it is true, BritGirl will and can string words together and often be understood on random subjects, but her grammatical tenses and agreements leave little to be desired by the text books and her oh so academic boyfriend!

However, although her boyfriend felt better after the trip to the Dr…..the torrential downpour and thunderstorm which hit them as they left did nothing to make him very happy. BritGirl has never seen rain like it – raindrops the size of bouncing balls, puddles the size of small paddling pools, holes in her shoes which meant that BritGirl may have been better walking bare foot rather than sloshing along the pavement with puddles in her shoes, socks and tights…..then what next, but crashes of thunder and lightening right above Bordeaux…BritGirl did shout over the rain and scary storm – “Can you get electrocuted by lightening if you are carrying an umbrella?” …no response….

By the time BritGirl got home, she was was soaked…only to be greeted by a near over-flowing bowl in the bathroom after the downpour had poured through the bathroom ceiling…and a new development… a leaking ceiling in the spare room! BritGirl does not only need an ark to get about in town, but it would now seem that an ark may well be required if the rain continues to slosh around her apartment!!


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