Posted by: britgirl82 | November 4, 2010

A sad trip to the UK and the start of winter.

The last batch of successful BritGirl cakes (to cheer up this blog entry!)


So after an emotional move to France, the struggle of finding work, the important trips home to see friends and family, the joy of finding a job, the experience of France and la via francaise, the introduction to cake baking and mushroom picking; what would the rest of 2010 hold for BritGirl?

Well shorter days that is for sure- the week that the clocks went backwards was a sad week. BritGirl and her boyfriend travelled home for the funeral of her boyfriend’s Grandad. It was a lovely service with some moments that made everyone smile – if you have never heard the song ‘Poisoning Pigeons in the Park’ – then check it out on YouTube – this epitomised Pete’s opinion and many of the memories people will have of him.

Time spent with family was precious, even though it was a sad time, living away from home makes you appreciate even the smallest moments you can spend in your own home town, with old school friends and family members you haven’t seen for a while.

BritGirl was also lucky enough to visit one of her old colleagues – now when she writes ‘old’ she means in the sense that BritGirl no longer works with her – nothing to do with the fact that she has just become a Granny!!! A lovely evening of talking and gossiping was had – about old times together, the new jobs and life that we had both started in 2010 – as well as lots of hugs with the 3 week old granddaughter!

But as the clocks rolled back and autumn started to move in winter, BritGirl was flying back to Bordeaux and do you know what….it was starting to feel like home? With a job, a routine and a little more substance behind her every day movements, life en France was beginning to feel more “normal”.

No cakes have been baked since BritGirl’s return, but she does hope to remedy this over the weekend!! In fact, BritGirl hasn’t had time for baking cakes – she has new students – some wanting to pass exams (the thought of the responsibility this puts upon BritGirl scares her a little so she will gloss over this point!), some just wanting to improve their English skills and all expecting BritGirl to arrive at their house/office with lots of interesting activities and rules about English grammar and language….so BritGirl has spent a week making such fun stuff!!

BritGirl now has 9 students to teach a week – from children, business students or just general English students…in 3 months BritGirl has dramatically increased her knowledge of the English language and its rules, she has also gained a little more confidence in her ability and knowledge….she just hopes this continues enough to help people pass exams!!

And on that note, BritGirl must stop blogging and get on with her synonyms, verbs, adjectives, nouns…… OK OK OK time to stop!!


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