Posted by: britgirl82 | October 9, 2010

September 2010 – All work and Greves

BritGirl has little to say??! Yes reader, you did read that correctly….pages and pages of writing, thoughts, worries, whinges and stories have been told in this blog, but for September BritGirl doesn’t have much to add!!

Once the holiday was done and dusted…it seems like a distant memory even now, BritGirl’s month really consisted of teaching, planning lessons, worrying about the lack of ideas/creativity in her lesson plans and travelling across Bordeaux and even out of Bordeaux to teach. But fear not, you havent read months and months of complaining from BritGirl about the lack of work, to suddenly find her complaining about having a job!!

She thoroughly enjoys her lessons, it may only be 10 hours a week but still, meeting students, learning about them, their work, their lives and experience in Bordeaux, teaching them English and reviewing the culture, history and life that BritGirl left back in sunny Britain – all of it is something which has provided BritGirl with the challenge and activity she needed.

Some days BritGirl still finds life lonely, with only lesson planning to keep her company…but with music on and the knowledge that at last she has something of her own here in France, BritGirl carries on and gets on with it – thats what life is about isn’t it!

Although, BritGirl has to admit to getting a little frustrated at some French ways of life…..the common strike! Yes, that phenomenon which is truly French….at the beginning of the month BritGirl had her flight cancelled as a result of French striking, since then BritGirl has had to alter her plans and lessons due to the continuous striking across the country…and why I hear you ask?! Because the Government here want to change the retirement age from 60 to 62. Yes for some BritGirl can imagine that another two years of work is not a nice prospect, but then BritGirl comes from a land where the retirement age is at 65 and set to rise. Lets face it, by the time BritGirl gets to retirement she will probably be 70 – but thats reward for a longer, healthier lifeystyle, no?

BritGirl is truly amazed and perhaps a little in awe at the number of people out on the streets voicing their unhappiness at these proposals….its jaw dropping just to see the huge groups of people piling onto the streets of Bordeaux to protest and march, with their flags flying and songs being sung, the unions here have done a good job! Something rarely seen in the UK in such scale or with such sympathy. Across France cities have come to a standstill and transport networks have failed whilst the whole public sector take to the streets – and most people’s reaction… “good on them”! Now in England that would never happen! BritGirl can only imagine now the commuters response in London last week when Tube workers took to strike…not quite as polite or sympathising…in fact, BritGirl can name one very grumpy commuter who ended up trawling the streets and buses of London just to get home, no sympathy for strikers there!

But, hang on this isn’t a poltical rant or blog, but it has to be said BritGirl has seen a very different side to the French people and their country during these ongoing strikes and protests across the country….more days of action are planned with no real end in sight it would seem, but BritGirl does have to ask whether there truly is a point to this action? Surely these strikes and protest will not really make a difference? Or is that just BritGirl’s British optimism sneaking in?


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