Posted by: britgirl82 | October 5, 2010

August – September 2010 – Two weeks in the UK!

After a month of work in France and two interviews, what did BritGirl do….. go back to the UK of course!!

Her boyfriend had planned a week at work in the UK so BritGirl was accompanying him, with a view to spending time with friends and family- except BritGirl was extending this to make sure she saw everyone and made it to a friends 30th birthday party whilst she was back in the country!

Now August had been HOT – over 30c some days in Bordeaux and BritGirl had finally got used to heat every day, so much so, she could not quite get her head around packing for a trip back in the UK in August!! Her first day in Cambridge was spent traipsing through the rain and ruining her shoes in the waterlogged parks and commons! A coat was needed!! BritGirl couldn’t believe it – the heat and sunshine of Bordeaux suddenly seemed a million miles away from the weather and sights of life in her old home!

BritGirl had a  brilliant time during these two weeks, sometimes sad when she couldnt quite meet people or things cropped up, but that was to be expected – people couldn’t stop their lives just because BritGirl was back for a few weeks. BritGirl had many meals and glasses of wine with friends from her old job, news and stories were exchanged, there was time to catch up on everyone else’s news, time to watch films and shop with friends and, importantly to try and thank them for all their support and encouragement during BritGirl’s weaker months en France!

There was also time to see family and childhood friends. It was a wonderful two weeks, but BritGirl was actually looking forward to going home – back to France! She had a job and some more students to look forward to but also a holiday! BritGirl and her boyfriend were going to Nice and Corsica for a week- having not had a holiday for over 2 years (Bordeaux does not count, whatever some may say!) it was well deserved, so BritGirl was due back in France, with a few days to pack, tidy and prepre for her holiday, or so she thought!

But remember, BritGirl NEVER travels easily, be it snow, volcanoes or delays, getting a plane is never as simple as it perhaps should be….as a result, BritGirl found out the evening before her early trip to the airport that her flight was cancelled!! The French were going on strike (quel surprise) and as a result flights into Bordeaux were cancelled! BritGirl was staying with a friend – so spent an evening a little worried about how and when she would get home and whether she would be able to extend the hiring of her car until she could get back to France, but little else could be done.

Luckily for her, her friend was happy to put her up for a few extra nights….BritGirl is VERY lucky to have a friend like this – he ended up putting up with her for 3 days… yep, BritGirl couldn’t get a flight for another two days…meaning she would only get back to Bordeaux 12 hours before she was due to leave for her holiday!!!

But, no worry just yet, BritGirl was able to spend more time with friends and her godson. Her last three days in the UK were actually some of the best she had had! There would not be a trip back to the UK again until Christmas, remember, BritGirl has a job and responsibilities now (!), so was pleased to be able to make the most of the trip and her time with friends and family!

However, BritGirl wondered whether she was becoming more French. A year ago, a cancelled flight would have sent BritGirl into a bit of panic, nerves and anger….but now, it was a shrug of the shoulder, a little “bah, c’est la vie” and work around the problem – a very different approach!

A rainy Cambridge



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