Posted by: britgirl82 | October 5, 2010

More July 2010 – Tour de France

Before BritGirl can go any further with her jobs and her future vie en France another memorable event took place in her new home town which must be mentioned…the Tour de France arrived!

One Friday morning, the main road just around the corner from BritGirl was shut, a big finish line and arch was erected where BritGirl usually picnicked and people on top of people arrived – from tourists, tour groupies, media and bike teams…the city was FULL!!

Friday afternoon found BritGirl and her boyfriend on the side lines, waiting for the tour to arrive. The city had an atmopshere BritGirl had never experienced -and she actually felt proud to live there and not be a tourist!! The city was packed, helicopters were flying over head following the cyclists on their way into the city from the mountainous south… was something to be seen- the freebies, the media everywhere, the bikes, the bike groupies and the bike teams from across the world!! Would you believe it….. a Brit won the Bordeaux stage of the race!! BritGirl was pleased, not only had she watched this important sporting event in her home town but a Brit had won!

The weekend remained a cycling weekend, the time trials would follow the next day (contre le montre in fact!), leaving from Bordeaux throughout the weekend and cycling north into the Medoc…..all weekend streets were shut, the odd cyclist rushed past you and team cars and buses were seen speeding out of the city! Phew, what a weekend!!


Bordeaux Finish Line



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