Posted by: britgirl82 | October 5, 2010

July 2010 – The first summer trip back to the UK

BritGirl had been in France for six months…….it had been a rollercoaster ride and still without a job – which BritGirl felt to be the biggest challenge still to overcome!

Without a job or something to fill her days, BritGirl spent the first week of July back home in the UK….for no reason other than to spend time with friends and family and take a break from her frustration!

As ever, BritGirl loved her time back at home -time with friends when you don’t see them very often can sometimes be better than time with friends you see all the time!

Meals with ex-colleagues were had – putting the world to rights and getting some well earned gossiping done!

Day trips with a friend to London and the beach allowed BritGirl to let her hair down and enjoy quality time exploring the city! BritGirl couldnt believe that after living in the UK her whole life and only an hour away from the big smoke she had never been to St Pauls, the Tate Gallery, the South Bank…..a day in the sunshine with fun and laughter was just what BritGirl needed!!

The next day trip may shock you even more, BritGirl went swimming on the British coast. Yes it may be July in the UK, but apparently, thats what you did whenever you went to the beach…oh so her trusty friend explained! BritGirl can report that swimming in the sea  (twice!) at Southwold was lovely!! Chilly but a lot of fun and laughter! A big thanks to BritGirl’s friend for those two day trips….some great memories!

Fun and laughter continued as BirtGirl went for dinner with old school friends – old memories and friends were dredged up, new challenges and plans were discussed – as ever, lots of stories were told and lots of laughter was had! BritGirl didnt keep in touch with many old school friends, but some had become very close friends and although their lives were taking different paths (marriage…motherhood), there was still lots in common and ALWAYS lots to say!!

A photo NOT taken by BritGirl..

So a very busy week was spent in the UK. BritGirl felt better, she felt refreshed and ready to try for one last time to find a job in Bordeaux and make it a home! She would miss her friends, as she always did, but spending time with them had made her feel stronger and more positive!! BritGirl just wanted that positivity and confidence to last across the Channel.


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