Posted by: britgirl82 | October 5, 2010

July 2010 – Snails and entretiens!

Mmmm snails!

After a hard week of enforced socialising BritGirl was ready for a break! Although she did enjoy making an effort and meeting new people, sometimes it was hard work meeting and talking to people when the only similarity you had was where lived!

And a break was had – the next weekend was just spent wandering around town, enjoying the architecture, the streets the squares, the heat….and the food!! This was the weekend – have it noted in July 2010- that BritGirl ate snails and enjoyed them!

Mais oui, escargots are simply like garlic mushrooms in a pretty shell! Perhaps the scary part was wondering how on earth you pricked the snail out of its shell with an implement that can only be described as ‘eye lash curlers’!! Once that challenge was over – BritGirl learnt you just prodded the snail with a spike and held onto it for dear life with your ‘eye lash curlers’ – BritGirl was converted and would not be scared of escargots in the future! Did this mean she was finally becoming French!? What would happen next a job?!!?

Well…. now we think about it, what was happening on the job front? BritGirl has been fairly quiet on that subject for a while…and with good reason, little was happening. CVs were being sent, regret letters were being received or in fact little response was often received. BritGirl had turned her head from hotel work, office admin and even bar work to something new….English teaching!

Lets face it, she had lived in the UK and spoken English for a good 27 years, she enjoyed working with people and now she just needed a chance! In fact back in the UK pre-the big move, BritGirl had done a weekend course to teach English as a foreign language, so although she had no experience she did have something! CVs were sent to language schools, but little came back…it was a constant battle of patience, frustration, anger and boredom.

However, that changed at the end of July- BritGirl had an interview – with a small language company teaching English in and around Bordeaux! But in honesty, BritGirl had little hope…after all – she had no teaching experience and she had avoided running training courses back in her UK job, but still it was an interview, BritGirl was chuffed at that!

Wait till you read this, in fact BritGirl had TWO interviews in a week – the second was along similar lines. Teaching English to children – a form of child minding come teaching English! It looks like BritGirl’s change in plan and job hunt had been fruitful – two interviews in a week! The only sticky wicket with one interivew was that it was in Paris!!! The job would be in Bordeaux, but office HQ were in Paris….so it seemed to be a good opportunity for BritGirl and her boyfriend to spend a night in Paris and see the sights!!

So, BritGirl was lucky – the teaching job in Bordeaux came off – without any experience the company liked her! Experience in business and hotels was the key here – teaching business and functional English would apparently be BritGirl’s focus and in fact……..she would start work next week! YES! In a matter of a week, BritGirl had a job interview and a job!

How did she feel? After months of moaning, whinging and worrying (BritGirl is happy to admit all of this) BritGirl felt good – scared, a little concerned that she had never taught anything in her life but all of a sudden would be paid for doing exactly that, but more importantly she felt a little successful, positive and hopeful that la vie en France could continue!

And with that news, BritGirl travelled to Paris….an early morning train to the capital, a hop onto a metro train (or street cleaner as BritGirl’s boyfriend came to know them) and BritGirl was at her second interview of the week! This interview didn’t impress BritGirl as much as the other. It was too Paris focused and somewhat disorganised….but at that point – with the sun shining, sitting in a garden in Paris with some form of work under her belt, BritGirl didnt really care! She had 2 days to explore the capital and enjoy a break from Bordeaux…..BritGirl spent a lovely time in the capital and even made plans being for the future and a job in France!! 🙂

Ah Paris!



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