Posted by: britgirl82 | October 5, 2010

September 2010 – Holiday times!

So where were we? Ah yes…BritGirl had a job, she had spent two weeks (and three days) with her friends and family in the UK – life was looking up?!

From the sadder blog entries by BritGirl there was a definite change- a future in France could be seen, she had a purpose, she could be kept busy and wasnt spending days on end on her own….so what next? Ah more good stuff with a holiday!

BritGirl had a few hours to unpack two weeks of UK clothes to re-pack for a week in Corsica and Nice, luckily few of the waterproof and autumnal clothes would be needed for a holiday that far South! And as BritGirl was becoming more and more relaxed throughout her stay in France, the delay and short turn around time did little to phase her!

At 5.30am the next morning, BritGirl was on a train to Nice… 8 hour journey in all – but what a journey – the countryside across France was worth seeing – truly amazing! Nice was beautiful -a mixture of Italian and French culture – the heat was also welcomed by BritGirl, if a little surprising after her time in the UK!

Corsica was an island of dreams- mountains, sandy beaches, a citadel and harbour. BritGirl spent a week walking,climbing rocks down to small private bays, swimming in the sea and pottering along sandy beaches! Relaxing was the only word in mind!

More French food was sampled….in fact, BritGirl’s earlier bravery with escargots can be put into the shadows in Corsica… she sampled Wild Boar – a local speciality, Calamari – Corsican style and Moules Frites -something she had seen and always fancied but had never been brave enough. The Corsican variety were delicious and something she will never forget. BritGirl left feeling very proud of herself, she had had a very healthy holiday with plent of exercise and a wonderful selection of food to boot!!

A week in the sun near the beach was just what BritGirl needed…. after 8 months in France, feeling a little lostand lonely (a little or a lot?) – time to explore other parts of Freance and spend time with her boyfriend away from the worries was perfect. BritGirl returned to Bordeaux with a new lease of life….which it turns out would be needed!!!

Calvi Citadel

Moules a la creme



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