Posted by: britgirl82 | October 5, 2010

August 2010 – BritGirl’s first week of work en France

So this was it, the first week in August saw BritGirl working!!

She had a lesson everyday for three weeks with the ex-curator of the Musee Des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux (Fine Art Museum). It was nerve racking- what did you teach? How did you explain what words meant? How did English grammar work?

BritGirl felt as a Brit national and native English speaker she should know all of the above, but started this job very under confident and uncertain of her own ability to actually speak her own language!

However, although she felt under confident and the preparation was about 10 times more than her lesson length, BritGirl felt good!! Her lessons were filling her day, or more to the point – the preparation for these lessons was!! She was also learning something – about France, the culture, the language and even how best to explain something in English to a non-speaker!

Britgirl instantly felt a cloud lift…..can work really do that to you she asks? Is it not sad that a job, no matter how big or small could really make BritGirl feel so different? Well the answer appears to be that working did BritGirl the world of good, yes she still worried about life in France, what the future would bring, how she would work out as a teacher and whether she was doing a good job; but using her brain, being busy and feeling some sense of purpose was exactly what she needed!!

She had a great many friends to thank for supporting her and being there for her during the 7 months of unemployment and complaining….and now BritGirl had something to concentrate on, teaching English for a month!!


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