Posted by: britgirl82 | October 5, 2010

September 2010 – Back to work!

Whoever thought….having read this blog, that BritGirl would write a post titled – “Back to Work”!! How pleased BritGirl was to return from her holiday with things to look forward to, work to keep her busy and a routine which did not only consist of housework, cooking and walking the streets of Bordeaux!

BritGirl was pleased to hear that she had more students to teach – in fact within two weeks of her return BritGirl had some form of work every day! Now remember, work might only be an hour of lessons, but the planning was a lot more than an hour! BritGirl hoped that teaching would be rewarding as could watch her students progress. She hoped that her ability to conduct lessons and teach English would become less time consuming and more natural, she hoped she would learn to enjoy her job just as much as her last!

But what about the children BritGirl was going to look after? Ahh yes, how could she forget that! Day one had been cancelled due to the greve (french strike) cancelling BritGirls return to France, so the day after her return from Corsica BritGirl was at the families house at 8am. Without going into ‘details, it didnt go well… perhaps detail is what you want, but BritGirl cant bring herself to think about it without feeling a little like a failure or wuss…..put it this way – fighting and words such as “we hate you” were used! Again, a certain friend needs a BIG pat on the back for the calm response and advice given in reply to BritGirl’s panicked and crazed text messages – without his advice or at least sympathy, BritGirl knows she would have not lasted the morning in that position.The day after BritGirl handed her notice in – she would not be returning to look after those children!

Yes, you read that correctly! After 8 months of whinging that she didn’t have a job, moaning to her friends and feeling very unhappy with her life and herself as a result, she quit a job she had only just got!! But BritGirl had decided that the English teaching through the smaller company was better suited to her – adults and children in a more formal setting with clear targets/objectives and a role for BritGirl. The childcare option did not feel like that, BritGirl was not in control of these children who had experienced many nannies/au pairs in recent months and had little interest in learning English. More importantly, teaching a 2 year old and 6.5 year old English together was not going to work – so perhaps weakly (and BritGirl would agree with that comment), BritGirl put all her eggs in one basket and stuck to general English teaching!

So far so good – 3 weeks of students, teaching and travellling across the city to new students and new offices has done BritGirl the world of good. A little more confident in her ability (and herself?), happy with her lesson planning and teaching approach, BritGirl is more pleased than you can imagine to have her days filled with some form of activity and more importantly a purpose for herself!! Of course, BritGirl has a moment every day when she finds something tough, misses friends and wishes they lived closer and BritGirl has realised how important personal achievement and socialising is to a person. Her friends and family were (and importantly, still are) fabulous during the hard times.  BritGirl hopes that with a small job and a little more confidence things can look up, with less worry and more enjoyment!!  🙂


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