Posted by: britgirl82 | October 5, 2010

August 2010 – a month of work

For the rest of August, BritGirl doesnt have much to say…she worked everyday – an hour and half teaching about about 3-4 hours lesson planning!! Yes you read that right – she wasnt working for the money, she was working for the activity and challenge!

This was a challenge but she was enjoying it and liking the change to her life and outlook!

But dont forget, BritGirl had also had her Parisien interview….yes that went OK and she could have some work through that if she wanted…however, the lack of organisation by the company had already worried her – so BritGirl went into this job with a little more caution and care! The aim of the job was to teach children English – often young children!

BritGirl went to meet a family in town with a view to looking after their two children – under 6. It brought home to BritGirl how lacking her french still was! The current au pair (british) was fully fluent in French, clearly the children spoke French – do you know how annoying it is to meet a 2 year old who speaks better French than you?!!? And the parents had little English – so a fairly broken and awkward discussion was had, but BritGirl left with a view to looking after the children for half a day a week!

And as a result she had also made a friend…it turned out the current English au pair was studying at Cambridge – where BritGirl had just left and had made few friends in Bordeaux…so the plan was to meet for dinner/drinks in the coming week to show her the sights and have some English conversation!!! BritGirl had her own friend!!

Making a friend may have been the best to come from the faimly meeting, as BritGirl left otherwise very uncertain – this wasn’t really teaching children but babysitting, the children were too different in age to teach together, the company was very unorganised and didnt even explain the employment situation to BritGirl – this job was to remain under doubt for a long time yet!!!

BritGirl and her boyfriend met the British Au Pair in her last week in Bordeaux (!). A tour of the sights was made, they went for dinner and also invited her for dinner chez BritGirl with some of friends made through her boyfriend’s job…a lovely evening was had, with plenty of wine, good food and french-english conversation! BritGirl enjoyed entertaining in her home – she had a job, she had some friends and a nice home to share with them…finally, after 7 months BritGirl was starting to see Bordeaux as home!


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