Posted by: britgirl82 | October 5, 2010

July 2010 – A week of parties

The week after the Bastille celebrations was another social time for BritGirl – job hunting was still going on in the background, but whilst the sun shone and there were celebrations to get involved with BritGirl had made a decision to try not to dwell on her unemployment. She had the October deadline so she was going to get her head down, look for work but enjoy the rest of life in the meantime…maybe this would help? Either way, she needed to try and remain sane!

Social events stemmed around the job of BritGirl’s boyfriend…with few other friends or connections outside of this job and being so far away from home and friends BritGirl learnt to get involved with things that at home she may have avoided or not looked forward to….for example a BBQ at the boss’ house!

Yes, in celebration of summer, BritGirl’s boyfriend’s boss was holding a family BBQ for all his team! At home, BritGirl would have hated this fake socialising and found it a chore – here, with no other social life it was something to look forward to!

BritGirl spent the day in the kitchen making tiramisu to contribute towards the BBQ. Luckily enough, the tiramisu made it to the party in one piece, BritGirl had forgetten that she would be spending 30 minutes on a tram and then 10 minutes walking…with two platters of dessert!!

The food was, as ever in France, delicious – salads, bread,  cheeses, meat – more andouilette (which needless to say BritGirl politely declined!) and a selection of desserts! It was a lovely evening, in a wonderful garden, with good wine and plenty of interesting conversation! BritGirl met and spent quite a long time talking to a world famous scientist (only famous to those in the know it would seem!), getting to know more of her boyfriend’s colleagues and generally enjoying some company!

Only 4 days later, there was another work related party….this time a leaving do for a girl moving to the USA…..again it was a party out of town, so BritGirl had to navigate the trams with food! And there were more people to meet….BritGirl found herself asking the same questions, “How long have you been in Bordeaux?” “Where do you come from?” “How long will you be here for?” – standard questions for people living abroad and socialising with other expats and “imposters”! It was hard work – as always in this sorts of social situations, but still, talking to people and being in a bustling environment was something BritGirl enjoyed.


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