Posted by: britgirl82 | October 5, 2010

14th July 2010 – Bastille Day

BritGirl returned to la France just in time for the National Day…..the 14th July. This is the day that the French celebrate the storming of the Bastille way back in history and overturning the King.

BritGirl remembered the celebrations from her holidays in France as a child….fireworks galore!! This year, BritGirl would be celebrating among the french as one of them! The evening would be spent at the house of her boyfriend’s colleague, for a BBQ.

BritGirl had got used to socialising with people that she didn’t really know -especially en Francais, so she prepared some food to contribute and headed off, quite looking forward to an evening in the garden and a BBQ. Although BritGirl made the most of the weather with picnics and meals outside, without a garden/balcony, BritGirl did miss the relaxed evenings outside with a BBQ that she had got used to in her own garden back in the UK!

Well Bastille Day turned out to be the day that BritGirl and her boyfriend truly began their culinary trials en France. Snails had been discussed but never sampled, oysters had been seen across the region but no confidence could be found to try the snot like shell fish, but on this evening they would sample Andoulette. Details aren’t needed – some form of intestinal sausage is all you need to know – and also that no matter what people said, there was no way it would be on the menu chez BritGirl!!

BritGirl had a lovely evening – with only 8 guests, it was a small intimate meal – in all sorts of languages…Spanish, French and English – you could always feel comfortable with a multinational guest list. BritGirl learnt allsorts – cultural likings, history, culinary do’s and don’t alongside new music and events. If anything, living in France had given BritGirl a much broader appreciation of different countries, traditions, cultures and approaches to life.

However, so much talking was done that the fireworks were missed! By the time BritGirl and her boyfriend headed towards the river – the favourite spot in Bordeaux for fireworks – they were finished- just the sad lingering firework smoke remained. The crowds pouring away from the river were amazing, the fete du vin had nothing on the number of people here….BritGirl realised how proud the French nation was of their history and country….people of all ages were out at 12.30am celebrating, drinking, eating and watching the fireworks!

Even though most of the celebrations were missed BritGirl still had a memorable first Bastille Day!


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