Posted by: britgirl82 | August 11, 2010

May 2010 – Family visits and dresses

Although May saw french lessons and BIG decisions being made, there were also fun things happening for BritGirl in France which need mentioning!

Her little sister and boyfriend were ending their one month backpacking trip around Europe with BritGirl – so for a weekend, she entertained, showed them the sights and heard stories from their trips and adventues across Europe. It was a lovely weekend, relaxed and fun…BritGirl hadnt seen her sister since New Year, so it was a much needed weekend with great comany!

But the post title mentions a dress? Yes….. as Bridesmaid for one of her best friend’s weddings in Ireland in June, BritGirl was waiting for her dress to arrive. There had been numerous problems challenging the Bride and her Bridesmaid dresses, down to dress makers, timelines and volcanic ash halting delivery. BritGirl spent a week waiting for its arrival en France! She had never seen the final dress colour, only the dress style online. All other bridesmaids had their dresses and were already making alterations, just 1.5 weeks before the wedding, BritGirl was still waiting!!

Only a little panicked you understand…BritGirl was not sure that jeans and a tshirt would cut walking down the aisle at Armagh Cathedral!! Thank you Monsieur Postman, the dress arrived and was beautiful (not sure Postman gets the praise for its style and class though)! The dress just needed a few alterations…and guess what?! BritGirl found a dress maker, explained what she wanted, how and why and got the dress altered…all in French, without worry and she was understood!!! Again this was another small task which made BritGirl feel like she was doing it, she was living in a foreign country, speaking the lanaguage and getting things done!!

Such small things made the world of difference… a fruitless job hunt can get you down and BritGirl was learning how tough it could be and how low it made you feel. Yet these small gains made the sun shine and BritGirl realised that it was all about time…time to learn, practice and fit in!

Sunny drinks along the Quais

Next stop includes a trip to Ireland, a wedding, another family visit to France and then the long awaited “Fete du Vin” – June was set to be a VERY busy month, but would it also be the month that BritGirl made it and found something to keep her occupied, other than walking, reading, sunbathing and writing a blog?!?!


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