Posted by: britgirl82 | August 11, 2010

June 2010 – An Irish-English Wedding

So, the wedding dress was altered and BritGirl was ready for the wedding…one of her best friend’s was getting married in Ireland. Her husband to be, a charming, fun and very much in-love Irish Paramedic had grown up in Armagh, so Armagh Cathedral was the venue of choice.

BritGirl and her boyfriend set off for the UK. The first night was to be spent at the Bride and Groom’s empty house just outside Luton, before BritGirl, boyfriend and Chief Bridesmaid would fly to Belfast, hire a car and head to Armagh…it all worked! A few delays along the way, lets face it, BritGirl no longer expected ANY plane that she boarded to leave or arrive on time…2010 had shown her that flying was not always as timely as you may like.

The weekend was full on but fun…the wedding party and family were altogether in one hotel – lots of old university friends met, old school friends were reunited, the Bride and Groom’s families were brilliant hosts….the weekend was a hit!

Although, as yet, the Bridesmaids had not decided who would walk down the aisle first…it seemed such a teeny point as we discussed it en route to the rehersal. That was until we, breathlessly, reached the top of the hill where the Cathedral imposed itself across the city skyline. The cathedral was HUUUGGE there was no other word for it, it was magnificent, the alter was beautiful, the stained glass windows stunning, the view breathtaking, the Priest was hilarious and the aisle was long…it went on and on and on!!

The night before the wedding was typically Irish, lots of beer and Guiness flowing, live “diddly diddly” music, lots of talk and banter. BritGirl, her boyfriend, the Bride to Be and Chief Bridesmaid were last to leave the bar that night, ALL very excited about the next day. It was perfect and for a very special couple, we were all so pleased to be involved.

As a partly Irish wedding, of course, drinking started early!  BritGirl, however, did not expect to be involved so early. She finished her breakfast and headed over to the home of the Groom’s family to check on arrangements and deliver important bits and pieces…by 10am that morning BritGirl had a glass of fizz in her hand….in Ireland, “No thanks” is not understood!

A relaxing morning was had….and then the DRESS!! The Bride was stunning, no other word for it, a calm and chilled out start to her day was had before we set off..this was it, she was getting hitched. But oh yes, I neglect a detail…which Bridesmaid out of three selected friends would have the first walk down the aisle??? Well of course BritGirl!! The short straw was drawn due to the fact that BritGirl was apparently the tallest Bridesmaid! BritGirl had naively suggested the evening before that we walked down the aisle in height order, after all, no one was interested in us…it was the Bride they wanted to see!! Never did BritGirl imagine she would be the tallest…that has never happened before!!

The wedding and whole weekend was a success, the Bride looked beautiful, happy, amazing…need I say more? The Groom looked handsome and very happy, their son was gorgeous as usual, tears were shed as the Bride walked towards her husband to be (yes, by BritGirl!), lots of photos were taken (by one of the funniest photographers BritGirl has ever met!), plenty of alcohol and food was consumed and people danced into the wee hours. Everyone had fun, it was a true celebration!!

Armagh Cathedral

BritGirl loved her weekend in Ireland-  a very special day for the happy couple and quality time and fun with her friends. BritGirl hoped that this weekend would be the start of something new. As ever when she spent time with friends/family, she had revived hope that when she returned to France things would change. For the past 6 months BritGirl had been feeling increasingly more lonely, frustrated, worried and unhappy – she enjoyed the climate, pace of life and her home there but was not coping with life without a job or focus – she felt useless and that only provided her with ample time to sit and think about friends and family, life back in the UK and what she had given up. BritGirl hated that feeling but didn’t think she could change her mindset without having “something” to do with her time….BritGirl returned to France with hope that her 6 months were up and it would all change…


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