Posted by: britgirl82 | August 9, 2010

February 2010 – The Bubble Changes

So nearly one month into life en France and already a week had been spent back in the UK with friends and family.

However, it should be noted that BritGirl was and still is very pleased with the accomplishments made during this short period of time (so much so she WILL list them!!)

* Cancelled flights aside, BritGirl and her worldly possessions made it to Bordeaux on the 6th January 2010
* BritGirl struggled through difficult “entrances”, emptying of white vans and purchasing of whole kitchens and bedrooms in a foriegn language…it may not have been anywhere near perfect, but it was understood and no real disasters had struck!
* Utility appointments were underway and arranged
* The flat was starting to feel like a home from home
* The whirlwind purchasing of the internet, television and phone paid off….

Yes, the week we arrived back from the UK,  equipment to communicate with the world outside of the Bordeaux bubble arrived….BritGirl would be back in communicado with friends, family and THE WORLD!! Assuming that BritGirl and her boyfriend could follow the instructions en Francais and plug`the right wires into the right sockets in the right order’…ahh another French hurdle!!

But BritGirl’s boyfriend did his work…..first we had TV – all be it French TV, a million and one channels of people speaking French…..but still we had achieved part one, a television which worked! Step two, we could make phone calls and get this… in France you can call landlines across Europe and the World for free… hours of calls to friends/family could be had…we could even call people in New Zealand/America if the need so took us!! You may not realise how nice it was for BritGirl to pick up the phone and talk to her Mum/Dad(rare!)/Sisters without thinking of the cost or trying to get a text message to convey her thoughts.

Next stage was the internet, with the yellow wire in the yellow plug and green wire in the green plug we had lift off…..the internet as well as the television and phone!! Life with email, facebook and the world wide web was back – we were living outside of the bubble!!

At this point, the Bordeaux Bubble was changing for BritGirl in many ways – the world felt much bigger when you could talk to people across the channel or watch the news about hurricanes and wars in faraway countries…..home felt further away. The bubble would change for good on the 8th February 2010, when BritGirl’s boyfriend started work.

After all the job was the reason for the move to la France, but with her boyfriend starting work, BritGirl was well and truly on her own… make a home, to shop, to find a job, to learn the lingo all in a foreign country with no friends close.

From this date, the bubble remained, but it was altogether a different bubble. It was at this point that BritGirl had a few tears (and later a lot of tears) and learnt a hell of a lot about herself. From the beginning BritGirl was sure that the biggest challenge she would face was on the 6th January at 5am standing in the snow outside her home preparing to make a long journey – without really knowing how – to Bordeaux. In actual fact, the toughest challenge, or adventure as BritGirl’s wise friends would assure her, was to live in France, learn the language and find a job whilst her boyfriend had all of that, in many ways, ready-made for him.

The Garonne in Bordeaux

The next chapter of the journey starts here…..


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