Posted by: britgirl82 | August 9, 2010

Back to the UK already?

Week two continued in much the same thread as week one. The “Bordeaux Bubble” remained entact, letters continued to be written to friends and family, the flat was taking shape and starting to feel like a home and the daily trips to the cafe and free internet showed a vain attempt to keep up to date with life outside Bordeaux.

Appointments were made to deal with the practicalities of “Vie en France”…..this again brought home to BritGirl the size of the hurdle that she was jumping in attempting to set up home in a foreign country, away from all her friends, families and comforts….confidence at times was lacking. Days were set aside for the Gaz man to visit and it was during times like this that BritGirl realised not all things were that different between home country and new country….gaz men appointments still took up the best part of a day and did not always guarantee a visit!!

Phone calls were made to arrange appointments to have the boiler serviced and checked – apparently (if BritGirl understood correctly) this was not a Landlord’s responsibility but a tenant’s responsibility and cost…as if the concept of gas in a foreign country did not scare BritGirl enough…the need to call a company and speak French to get a French man to visit and check that everything was in working order, did!!

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom, the bubble effect had positives……the city was explored on foot daily, new places, shops, cafes, streets, buildings were found. Meals were eaten out, if and when the menus were understood. Life was relaxed, after all, for this time neither neither BritGirl or her boyfriend were working! Walks along the river never became tiresome – as long as suitable shoes, hats and scarves were worn. BritGirl even started thinking about jobs and work in France….confidence picked up for a while!

The main driving force here….was that in a weeks time BritGirl and boyfriend would be back in England. Yes, after only three weeks in France, a return trip had been booked and arranged. Initially under the pretence that the boyfriend had work to finish off in the UK, but also as a reward for the hard work put in during the first three weeks of 2010…time with friends, family and home comforts alongside the fact that in the UK there wasnt always the need to think before you spoke.

The diary was full, lunch appointments were made, places to stay organised, family to see, transport to and from the airport arranged. BritGirl was leaving her bubble! If only for a week.


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