Posted by: britgirl82 | August 9, 2010

The decision to move…

It all started way before January 2010 for BritGirl…but how far back can a blog go?! Not sure its all that interesting, but the BIG decision to move to the wonderful country that is France was made in summer 2009……….from then on imagine mild panic, fear, hysteria, worry and excitement and you’re somewhere close to the emotions experienced!

So the reason for this crazy decision I hear you ask? BritGirl’s boyfriend had been offered a job in Bordeaux, the wine making region of France for two years. And this was not just any old job, it was an important job which could do wonders for his career and as BritGirl’s friends and family often told her, it was a once in a life time opportunity and her own adventure.

Even now I am not entirely sure how the decision was made… fact, I am not entirely sure it was. It seems to have been an acceptance that there was a job, we were young, what could go wrong, lets give it a shot. A completely out of character action for BritGirl!

Lists were made…..research was done…questions were asked….friends were told. Important tasks had to be done first – BritGirl had to resign from her job (regardless of how much the job paid, was enjoyed or created important (and what were hoped to be) lasting friendships), BritGirl had to think about boring but grown up issues such as taxes, rent, mortgages, pensions…but before you drop off thats all on that subject for the moment!

So, the last six months of 2009 were a mixture of administration, panic, explanation, questioning (is this the right thing? can we afford it?), packing boxes – oh so many boxes were packed and re-packed and lasts….last day at work, the last trip in BritGirls car, last time BritGirl would visit friends so easily….the list seems endless.

The emotions that BritGirl felt during those six months were tough – it felt like a never ending fair ground ride of highs and lows – the fear of becoming unemployed, leaving a job which was fun (you might not believe this but its true), leaving friends old and new, the worry of a foreign language and culture barriers, panic over the distance from friends, family and comforts of home and excitement – what an adventure it would be! Some of BritGirl’s friends will tell you that any excitement felt had to be created by others – Brit Girl often felt more lows than highs.

Old home

But in short, thats the run up to January 2010 – when the big move, le grand demenagement, took place……and that is most definitely another story – of emotions and adventures – something that will be a re-occuring theme throughout this blog, emotions and adventures…..


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