Posted by: britgirl82 | August 9, 2010

The First French Weekend

So….where are we… apartment full of boxes and flat packed furniture and a van full of much the same.

Not much of interest can really be said about the first weekend in Bordeaux. The van was unpacked again…..burning muscles at this point, with all the lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and climbing stairs. The furniture was built. The flat was full of cardboard, tools and semi-erect furniture.

The furniture was successfully built even with French instructions. It was somewhat time consuming and hard going….lots of swear words and plasters were needed, but over the two days the apartment was furnished. We had work tops, cupboards, a TV stand, shelves, beds, wardrobes….but most importantly we had a functioning oven, washing machine and fridge.

Little from boxes was removed, that would be saved for later in the week. It was a matter of getting furniture out of its flat packed state and up right. However, BritGirl did unpack one box..her SHOES!! High heels in all sorts of colours and heels….at this point, she felt a little at home!!

The best thing about this weekend?? Finding the Italian restaurant at the end of Rue du Couvent, Brit Girl’s new home! A revelation of scrummy food, brilliant wine, relaxed surroundings and very nice owners. This was soon to become a regular haunt and Brit Girl’s only “voisins” (neighbours) that she knew.

The last point to be made about this weekend was that there were still no tears from Brit Girl. Four days in from leaving the UK and eventually making it to Bordeaux, a million miles away from her friends and comforts, no tears had been shed. Was this a good thing? What did it mean?


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